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Thursday, October 28, 2010

McGee Farm's Pumkin Patch

For years and years Lyssa has gone to the pumpkin patch with first her preschool and then with Kindergarten - 2nd grade.  I never got to go with preschool because I was always working and once she got in school, only limited number of parents could go.  This year we found out that 2nd grade is the last year that you have this little fun adventure, so we decided to go as a family, since Lyssa is the only one who has ever been.  It was a drive out there and it was chilly, but it was fun.
on the hay ride 
The barn
a little pumpkin growing on the vine 
a ton of pumpkins ahead
corn field 
Baby Alex picked out his first pumpkin with Mommy 
Lyssa was so proud she picked one small enough for Alex 
Baby goat 
Papa Goat 
Daddy trying to keep Alex warm 
McGee Farm's new kitchen
The tractor that pulled us on our hay ride
Lyssa milking a fake cow
yes it squirted "milk" 
the family 
Daddy and Company
Alex not so sure he was ready to leave

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