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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jack of all Trades (My Husband)

OK, so most people know my husband works at Wal-mart, and almost everybody knows he builds computer from scratch and pretty much anything else that you can do with computers.  He's a wonderful husband and father to our two children, but I bet no one knew he was a closet hair dresser! 

Last night, he decided he was going to die my hair... He only did the top half, leaving the bottom the almost black that it is naturally.  I must admit it turned out pretty good, the top is a lighter brown with a red tint.  So, then he decided to be more adventurous and trim it for me.  Now, I'm not sure if I let him out of confidence in him or out of my stupidity, but I let him.

I have to admit it is the best free cut and color that I have ever had.  We both love the results, although subtle to most, it's a little on the dramatic side to us, as we had gotten use to my black hair with my grey highlights.
it's looks better, but this is after sleeping on it
I'm so proud of him, I think it looks very good

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