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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventures with Alex - 6 weeks

It was time for my 6 week checkup with my doctor.  I didn't take my camera this time because I figured it would be an easy in and out.  Boy was I wrong!  I so needed my camera.  Lil' Man was passed around to everyone, everyone wanted to hold "precious".  From my nurse practitioner, to her nurse, to the ultrasound tech, to the lady in billing, to the receptionist that I had talked to a million times.  All this and I have no pictures! :(

He never cried once just looked at all the women and thought "this is the life."  I'm going to have to get back to the office to get the pictures that I missed, because I grew really close to all the ladies in that office and they took wonderful care of me.  He passed out once we got home, he was tired from performing.
Since birth he has always protected his "paci" not wanting anyone to touch it, and 6 weeks later he still does.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Cheer Camp

This week Lyssa went to Cheer Camp at the Parks and Rec.  She has done this every year that they have offered it, and yet she still loves it.  This year they did it at a different time and it messed up her cheering for her pee wee team, but she had fun anyway.
with the Varsity Cheerleaders
getting ready to dance 
dancing to "Baby" 
All for the Trojans, stand up and Hollar!  The Varsity girls picked her up for a small pyramid 
She felt like she was on top of the world

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adventures with Alex - 5 weeks

getting excited to see the cheerleaders at the football game
what a happy face
tired after performing for the camera

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer with the Tennerys 2010

We had a pretty good summer, of course it was hot and I was pregnant, so we didn't do much, but here are some snap shots of some that we did this summer.
This is a sprinkler that Benji bought for Lyssa 
Lyssa and Tiger both seemed to like it
Of course Dad joined in 
I think the sprinkler may have been for Tiger 
July 4th, spent at home, with our own little fireworks
Lyssa went to basketball camp
She modeled in her first fashion show for Gap 
She was so happy
The next weekend she did a photo shoot for Dillard's 
And this is where we spent most of our time, see the little beach across the water, it seems no one knows about this place except us, so it because our private beach on the river 
My family on the river (iPhone pics on the river)
Of course the biggest change of all was when we added to our family
Now we have 2!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Playing at the Park

 We decided it was nice out and decided we should go out to Spring Park and feed the ducks.  It's something I loved doing when I was growing up and Lyssa enjoys it now.  This was our first outing as a whole family since I had Alex.
And he slept the whole time.
But the big kids had fun while I watched from a bench. 
The ducks where really calm and friendly that day
Lyssa always wonders why the camera goes everywhere with me
my husband got brave and decided to see if the duck would come to him  
then he decided to feed him out of his hand 
and talked our little one into trying it 
Oh boy was she proud of herself for feeding the duck from her hand.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adventures with Alex - 2 weeks

Well, we went today for Lil' Man's 2 weeks check up and his weight was 7 pounds 5 ounces.  He was supposed to be back at his birth weight by 2 weeks, which was 7 pounds 13 ounces.  We discussed how much he had been spitting up lately and I didn't think he was holding anything down.  The doctor then thought something might be wrong and he might not be keeping enough milk in his tummy.  We were then sent to ECM for an upper GI scan.
Alex in his hospital gown on the radiology table for his GI scan
As I sat and watched the monitor, my heart felt like it was breaking.  They made a bottle of some kind of white liquid that they would be able to see.  The had a "live x-ray" where I watched as he drank this liquid.  His stomach filled up and a tiny bit began to slowly go into his intestines.  He took about an ounce and a half of this liquid.  When he stopped taking it and turned away from the bottle, I watched as his esophagus started having spasms and this liquid began coming right back up.  They estimated that at least 1/2 an ounce came back up.  There were no other blockages, but they diagnosis him with re-flux that requires medication 3 times a day.  They are planning to check him again at 6 months and then again at 1 year, hoping at some point he will no longer require medication.  He's still so strong and tough.

Then on to my 2 week appointment and of course the most gorgeous man was the center of attention.
This is my nurse practitioner that cared for me until 32 weeks, Lori Pace.
This is Lori's nurse, Lori 
This is my doctor, Dr. Keith.  
Alex still showing he's tired.
His 2 week picture made by Lyssa.
Lil' Man at 2 weeks