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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Special Delivery

On August 18th, 2010, we added to the Tennerys.  A bouncing baby boy named Alex.  He lit up our life in many different ways.  He was a very special delivery.  I faced many obstacles in just getting him here, and once he was here, he began to face some of his own.  But he is a trooper, strong and tough, and of course made it through everything that was put in front of him.

 Not liking his first bath
 But loving the running water
Just like his daddy, loves getting his hair washed
Yes, I know it's a shocked look... this is me in the recovery room when my entire body was still numb and they brought him to me and told me I needed to feed him... the joys of breastfeeding
Meeting his sister for the first time...
 I think she loves him... 
 Lil Man ended up with jaundice and had to be under the photo therapy lights for 24 hours...
As you can tell it upset me more than it did him, he's trying to look at his hands like "no big"
This is during the 24 hours of photo therapy, he was burping him after I fed him, you can see the little Velcro that holds the "sunglasses" on (iPhone picture)
when he came in the room for the first time (iPhone)
This is what I saw in my arms when I woke up from a nap (iPhone)
Not to mention the jaundice getting bad, but his umbilical cord also got infected, which resulted in an extra day in the hospital for antibiotics.  After all was said and done, he was doing great.

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