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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our 3rd grader

Today was Lyssa's first day of third grade and first day at the "big school."  She just amazes me and I can't believe all these years have gone by so quickly.  The morning started off pretty good, she got up bright eyed and bushy tailed, as my dad would say.  I originally thought a neighbor was going to be taking her to school on her first day, due to me being put on bed rest, but it just so happened Benji ended up being off work, so it was a family event.  Of course, I had to break the rules and ride with her to school.  I didn't drive though, so I didn't break that rule.
And yes that is the month's school lunch menu taped to the door...
She's ready for her first day... long legs and all
Going out to the car for the ride to the school
Going into the "big school", but for some reason she doesn't look so little since she is all legs. 
This is how I first saw her this afternoon at pick-up, the line only took about 20 minutes to get through.
And this is the "what took so long?" look I got from her when we got up to her to pick her up.
She described her day as "good but boring", said it was a lot of rules.  However, she did say her teacher is really nice and she likes her.

On another note, I received a letter in the mail Saturday asking for my permission to test her for the gifted program, based on her SAT and OLSAT scores from the second grade.  Her dad and I talked to her about it and left it up to her, she was excited and said yes.  So, she will be going through tests for the first little bit of school, as well as doing regular classroom work, and cheerleading has started.  If she doesn't test into the gifted program it won't be a big deal as we are still very proud of her and very proud of the scores she received on the tests that made the school want to test her further.

This year has started off really well and soon we will be adding to our family, it seems 2010 has been a great year for us.

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