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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Gap Fashion Show Fall 2010

On Saturday, July 31, Ellyssa was in her first fashion show for Gap.  It was at Regency Square Mall in Florence.  She was so happy to do it and so proud that she was asked to be in it.  She modeled two different outfits and looked beautiful in both. 

There was no place to change near the stage so once she walked in her first outfit, I had to take her back to Gap to change her into the second outfit.  I think she did wonderful for her first time walking in a fashion show, with no modeling training.
Her being announced and making her way on the stage. 
Striking her first pose.
Looking for the end of the runway so she would know where to stop.
So proud to be in the spotlight. 
Her turn... 
Her final pose before leaving the runway.
My wonderful husband took all the photos because of my swollen ankles and the fact that I was changing her and escorting her back and forth from the store to the stage.

I had changed the settings of my camera to always on instead of power saving mode because that was how I had it working with my remote for the previous pictures that I had taken.  I forgot to change this setting back, so when the camera wasn't turned off during the clothing changes, my battery died.  So, I have no pictures of her second time on the runway, which happened to be in her favorite outfit, but it was my fault.  However, I do have a video of it on my iPhone and she did very well.  She is excited and really wants to do this again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Basketball Camp 2010

Lyssa decided she wanted to go to basketball camp this year and of course this made her daddy very proud. I had honestly never watched a basketball game in my life until she started playing. So, I would have to say basketball is definitely something she and her dad share, I am just on the sidelines cheering. I have to admit, I love watching her eagerly learning from him, and I know they both really enjoy it.

Camp was from Monday, July 26 through Thursday, July 29 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Benji and I both stayed the whole time and watched on Monday night, but I couldn't sit there the rest of the week, plus we thought she would learn more if she wasn't trying to show off for us. Benji watched Tuesday night from about 7:30 pm to 9 pm, and neither one of us watched her Wednesday night. We both stayed the entire time Thursday night as this was the last night and their pizza party.

She learned different dribbling techniques, some I had never heard of, like "the spider" but it seems to be the most difficult for her age, but yet it's the one she continues to ask her daddy to practice with her. They also worked on passing and free throws, as well as having one on one games. Her first one on one she was matched up against a boy and she almost beat him. It was great to watch her grow from that first night to the last night, she had many improvements. I do believe she will have a much better year at basketball this year, and this will be her 4th year to play.
Free throws and she has air under her
It's good
She can get it way up there
catching the rebound over her shoulder
getting her participation award

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th 2010

For years and years we have always gone somewhere for the 4th of July.  Whether it was my husband's Aunt Brenda, or to McFarland Park, or to my parents, we have always gone somewhere.  Well, this year with it being so hot, my dad being in the rehab center for his back surgery, and my blood pressure being so high and feet so swollen from being pregnant with Little Man, we decided to stay at home for the first time. 
My husband had to work, so Lyssa and I ventured out to see about some fireworks.  Of course we didn't get a ton of them, as it was only for our family.  Lyssa was actually excited and I had a feeling she wouldn't be, since we normally go somewhere.  All she talked about was having "her own fireworks."

We mainly got fountains as we had plenty of our neighbors who spent money on the "big stuff".  These are some of the pictures from our backyard from July 3, 2010.
So, after buying fireworks we got to listen to Lyssa for the next 5 hours wanting to go shoot them.  My husband grilled, we had hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled corn on the corn... it was so good.  And to make it even better, while we ate we watched the Macy's Firework Spectacular.  What a show that was, I felt kind of dumb that I never knew that came on, but then again I had never been at home.  Once the show went off, it was "finally dark" in Lyssa's words.  We gathered up the fireworks and outside we went.  Here are some of our pictures, keep in mind we didn't get the "big stuff" it was something special for our growing family.
Lyssa's chicken that spun around and laid eggs.
Yes, I was supposed to have my feet up, but I couldn't resist, it was for the family so I had to light some of them, especially the Chasers that Lyssa had never seen.
My husband trying to back up quickly after lighting a fountain not realizing Lyssa had lit the fountain right beside the one he was lighting.
And of course, while we were having our "little show" the neighbors where still in our backyard having a "big show".
some of the artillery shells that I wasn't quick enough to get really good pictures of.
All in all we had a great 4th!  It was some much needed family time, as it seems most of the focus has been on me lately, with my high risk and Little Man's health on the line.  It was a very very relaxing night, and I think we all went to be happy.  It was more of a family/Lyssa night and she had a blast.