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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Rootin' Tootin' Good Time

Yesterday, Friday, May 7th, Lyssa went to Longhorn Arena with her school's second grade as a field trip. They took part in six events, each with a story and some skill involved, of course they were given lessons before trying anything. It was a very beautiful day, the sun was shinning, the wind was blowing a nice breeze, and the kids were smiling. Mrs. Jones is the 2ngd grade teacher responsible for putting this together, Lyssa doesn't have her as a teacher, but we still appreciate everything she did and does for the kids. After all, what other school gets to do this and be on the news and in the newspaper? Watching some of those kids faces was priceless. Some had never been on a horse before or even seen one up close. This was Lyssa's third time, although she was so happy you would think it was her first.

Then, they went on to a Branding station, where each child got a brand put on their hand and made up their own brand to put on a bull. Then they were blind folded and had to try to place a brand on the bull, it was a lot like pin the tail on the donkey and it was just as fun to watch. Next up was tossing rubber snakes into a pair of cowboy boots, the girls seems to like that, I figure only because the snakes were plastic. Then on to try to deliver the mail. They were told the story about the Pony Express, and how there was no mail truck to deliver mail the very next day after you sent it, and there were a few obstacles that stood in the way of the one running the mail. There were Indians they had to run from, there was the weather, such as rain, and snakes to deal with, and also the chances of being robbed. On this course there was an Indian to chase them, some one squirting water, someone throwing snakes (large rubber ones this time), and someone with water guns with their face covered with a bandanna.
Then came the one thing that everyone was looking forward to more than anything, the bull riding. I think everyone enjoyed riding the mechanical bull. Her teacher, Mrs. Wooten, even rode the bull. And they talked one of the dad's into riding, it was great, he's also a police office for Florence, he was bucked off rather quickly.
On to learn how to rope. I would have to say for the little ones this had to be a little difficult since it was a regular size rope, for regular size cowboys. Lyssa did alot better than I would have thought, but it seemed she wanted to close her eyes like she was scared of the rope when it was above her head and she couldn't see it, I think she was expecting it to hit her.
Then came the Chuck Wagon race, and the story of how the cook had to cook for the cowboys and then go out to find them and deliver them some food. The girls had to load pots and pans as well as care packages into wagons and race, then unload and reload again and again until their whole team was finished. Lyssa's team won both races, it really wouldn't have mattered if she lost because they all had a blast.

Then, they finally took a break. They had trail mix and cactus juice, green Hawaiian Punch, for snack. It was a nice time to sit and look at all of their faces, and still know they were having a wonderful time. Then, they groomed a miniature pony, I am thinking this belonged to Carter, Lyssa's "friend", as his step-dad was the one who brought him.
Lastly, on to line dancing. Two girls from Texas Roadhouse were there to teach everyone how to linedance. They had to learn this, as they would have to perform it in front of a lunch time crowd at Texas Roadhouse in only an hour. I was not there to see them perform, but Lyssa did tell me the place was full and she also said it was a little embarrassing to dance in front of a bunch of strangers, but it was fun.

Although Ellyssa doesn't want me to include any pictures of her and her "friend" Carter, I simply must, as she spent most of the day by his side. He has even called her, I'm trying to come to the realization that my daughter is growing up, however all I can think is that she's 8 and at 8, I never new there was difference in boys and girls, we were all just friends. Now, her Dad is the one with high blood pressure over it, he has already said he is going to have to put his foot down to these boys. He did say, however, that the day he spent with Carter on the hike in Bear Creek, he got to know him and he's a really good boy. He also said, that just looking at Lyssa we had to know this was going to happen sooner or later, she's a very pretty girl. In closing, it was a wonderful day, and I can't believe 2nd grade is almost over.

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