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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field Trip to Gattman Park with the 2nd grade

So, yesterday was the big day that we have been waiting for for a long time.  Webster's 2nd grade was going to Gattman Park for the day to play and supposed to play in the water.  Well, I had kind of a bad night, so I was running on 2 hours sleep, but I promised baby girl that I would be there, after all her Daddy had taken off work about a month in advance to attend.

We got there at 10 am and baby was it chilly outside, so I knew there would be no water.  I sat against a wall and watched and laughed and took pictures.  Seems kind of boring to some, but I got to watch my daughter have a blast and spend time with my husband that wasn't in front of a tv, a computer, or at a softball field.  Of course, with my beauty being so much like her mom, she fell within 30 minutes of being at the park.  She was on some kind of spinning contraption, and allowed Carter to spin her really fast.
Notice the edge of the sidewalk, how raised it is compared to the woodchips from the playground. Well, she flew off this contraption, and landed with her leg/hip on this edge. She cried for about 20 minutes, but I calmed her and she seemed ok other than a little limp which I told her it was going to be sore. She seemed to have a wonderful rest of the day with her friends. Her dad and I left right after lunch was served, the sun had come out by then and was supper hot, and I was running on about 2 hours sleep, so I went home and took a nap.

Meanwhile, my most wonderful husband took apart our dryer that has not worked in 3 weeks.  He took different parts to A to Z Appliances and they tested each one until they found the one that was bad, he bought the new part came home and installed it.  He put the dryer back together, plugged it in and now we have a dryer for $27 instead of having to buy a new one.  I am so so proud of him!

Then it was time for our last softball game for our division (not counting the game that doesn't count against Florence, that is tonight).  As most of you know, our Little girl has been outstanding this season at softball.  Well, lastnight wasn't her night.  She struck out 3 times.  At one point I thought she had given up until a ball was hit to her at SS and she threw perfectly to first for the out, then she lit up.  When she came in off the field, I told her she was ready now.  She batted and grounded out to first, but it moved someone home, so it was ok.  Back out on the field another excellent play at SS.  I truly believe she found her home at Short Stop.  We won 14-6 and of course it was against a team that has a coach that shouldn't be coaching, so in his words "we only won because of the ump".  However, Dawn the Softball Director came to the field to explain some rules to him, and he walked away as she was talking.  But anyway, I don't want to be too negative here, most people don't like him at the field, it's not just our team.  Season over and Horned Frogs end this season #1 and UNDEFEATED!  Our girls all improved so much this season and we had a blast.
Walking to the car, I asked Lyssa if she was ok, because of her strike outs and she was still limping. She said "No Momma I couldn't bat, my leg really hurts." When we got home I told her to show me her leg and this is what it looked like. I put her in a warm bath to let her soak, normally she would have to take a shower to get all that red dirt off of her. I did have to help her get out of the tub because once she was all the way sitting, it was hard for her to get up and she was "slippery when wet". I gave her some Cold and Cough stuff, yes I know it's a bruise, but it has Tylenol and benadryll in it so I knew she would get some rest. Now, she could have been faking it a little as most children do to get attention, but I know she's hurt because she has never struck out 3 times in 1 game. So, it was affecting her.

Well, we all actually passed out lastnight, Lyssa from meds and going strong all day and Benji and me from lack of sleep the night before, and I feel alot better today, and as weird as this may sound, I can't wait to do laundry today.  Normally I would never say that, but after taking my laundry to my parents for 3 weeks because of not having a dryer, it's going to be wonderful to sit at home and wash clothes.  So, now it's time to get my day started.

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