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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Field Day and Honor's Day

What a wonderfully HOT day to have Field Day. On Monday, May 24th, Webster Elementary had their Field Day. Last year was hot and I even got sunburned, but this year was so humid that after being there for only 30 minutes I was really contemplating going home. With the shade and lots of water, other Moms helping, and my most wonderful husband following my daughter around with the camera so I could stay in the shade, I made it throught the whole day. I really don't like being hot natured. All pictures were taken by my husband for that day and he did a really good job and we had a good time. I had a group of sons that day. Braeden, Todd, Trey, and Lyssa's boyfriend Carter. And Carter ate lunch with me, Lyssa, and her dad, it was great getting to know him, he's a good boy. After lunch, they threw their bags of uneaten cookies around the table in a type of "keep away" effort, you know as much of that as you can do at a table in a classroom. It was Carter, Braeden, Todd, Trey, Lyssa, and Jaqilin joined in. Then we watched the parents softball game (Benji "forgot" his glove at home), then on to the tug-of-war, and then home sweet home.
50 yard dash

softball throw, she got 2nd in her group
Potato sack race, she's just like her dad, she has to stick her tongue out when concentrating, but it did get her 3rd place in her group
The most fun, Tug-of-war, Mrs. Wooten's class won round 1 and then lost.
Then the day came to try to keep it together while I said good-bye to a wonderful school with a wonderful staff. I have to say I am so proud of where we live in town, I know a lot of people that really like Highland Park Elementary, but I have to say I wouldn't trade Webster Elementary for the world. Of course, it helps that her principal was my assistant principal when I was at Muscle Shoals Highschool. So, to alot he is Mr. Starky, but to me he will always be Coach Starky. Mrs. Paula, the secretary, knew everybody by name, even the ones that didn't get in trouble, i.e. Lyssa. And I don't know if it was luck or if all the teachers at Webster are that wonderful, but I have to say she had the best teachers. I am really going to miss Webster and really don't want to go to McBride, can't Lyssa just stay in Elementary school the rest of her life? lol.
Lyssa receiving her awards from her principal
Lyssa with Carter
Ellyssa with her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Wooten
Ellyssa with Mrs. Paula
Ellyssa with her principal, Coach Starky
Lyssa in the flowers outside Webster for the last time.

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