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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Field Day and Honor's Day

What a wonderfully HOT day to have Field Day. On Monday, May 24th, Webster Elementary had their Field Day. Last year was hot and I even got sunburned, but this year was so humid that after being there for only 30 minutes I was really contemplating going home. With the shade and lots of water, other Moms helping, and my most wonderful husband following my daughter around with the camera so I could stay in the shade, I made it throught the whole day. I really don't like being hot natured. All pictures were taken by my husband for that day and he did a really good job and we had a good time. I had a group of sons that day. Braeden, Todd, Trey, and Lyssa's boyfriend Carter. And Carter ate lunch with me, Lyssa, and her dad, it was great getting to know him, he's a good boy. After lunch, they threw their bags of uneaten cookies around the table in a type of "keep away" effort, you know as much of that as you can do at a table in a classroom. It was Carter, Braeden, Todd, Trey, Lyssa, and Jaqilin joined in. Then we watched the parents softball game (Benji "forgot" his glove at home), then on to the tug-of-war, and then home sweet home.
50 yard dash

softball throw, she got 2nd in her group
Potato sack race, she's just like her dad, she has to stick her tongue out when concentrating, but it did get her 3rd place in her group
The most fun, Tug-of-war, Mrs. Wooten's class won round 1 and then lost.
Then the day came to try to keep it together while I said good-bye to a wonderful school with a wonderful staff. I have to say I am so proud of where we live in town, I know a lot of people that really like Highland Park Elementary, but I have to say I wouldn't trade Webster Elementary for the world. Of course, it helps that her principal was my assistant principal when I was at Muscle Shoals Highschool. So, to alot he is Mr. Starky, but to me he will always be Coach Starky. Mrs. Paula, the secretary, knew everybody by name, even the ones that didn't get in trouble, i.e. Lyssa. And I don't know if it was luck or if all the teachers at Webster are that wonderful, but I have to say she had the best teachers. I am really going to miss Webster and really don't want to go to McBride, can't Lyssa just stay in Elementary school the rest of her life? lol.
Lyssa receiving her awards from her principal
Lyssa with Carter
Ellyssa with her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Wooten
Ellyssa with Mrs. Paula
Ellyssa with her principal, Coach Starky
Lyssa in the flowers outside Webster for the last time.

Excitement with Ellyssa - 2nd Grade at Webster Elementary

The following pictures were not taken by me, they were given to me by Mrs. Wooten, her teacher, these were taken throughout the year by Mrs. Wooten and other parents. I am thankful to have these as well as the others on the disk, seeing how everyone grew closer and grew up in only 1 year touched my heart.

Crazy Hair Day

Zombie Pep Rally time... they were all Zombie Trojans and she was the Cheerleader for the other team, they performed "Thriller" at the High School that day.
Halloween Pajama Day
Christmas Program at the High school
Me and Ellyssa at her Christmas party
Me and Lyssa at her Valentine's party

Easter Egg Hunt
Daddy and Ellyssa at Bear Creek
She really wanted nothing to do with the snake at Bear Creek

Army Day
LongHorn Arena

 Eating with Carter at Texas Roadhouse after the Arena
Waving Good-bye to Webster Elementary

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Horned Frogs 2010 Softball

Lyssa told us she wanted to play softball again this year, of course we loved watching, so we signed her up. The whole time thinking, it has to be better than last year. Last year our coach quit and there was only 1 team that we could beat. So, since our coach quit there was no end of season anything, so I went myself and bought Lyssa a trophy. Luckily, this didn't discourage her this year. We got the call of when her first practice was and where to be. I was working at our consignment sale that we have twice a year, so her Dad took her to practice. By time I got there, she was throwing ok and he was on the field helping.

As we went to each practice, I began to like our coach more and more. The way he talked to these girls was so motivating. Even when they missed a ball or missed a swing, the tone of his voice and the smile he had when he said something to the girls was great. You could just tell, he had ball and being a parent in his blood. Then we did find out that he played baseball, but with 2 daughters he coached softball.

Of course Lyssa wasn't that great when the season started, she had never really caught or thrown a softball, the coach before told the girls to roll it to eachother. Her batting wasn't the best either, she had a pretty good swing, but she needed to learn to judge the speed of the ball. After lots of great practices, she was doing better and now it was time for the gamboree. We had 2 games to play back to back. Guess what we won both of them! However 1 team didn't show up so we didn't get to see how they played, so we were a little worried going into game 1.

Game 1 came and went along with alot of other games, win after win going in the record book and Lyssa getting better and better. Working with her dad in the backyard on an almost daily basis, even if we had a game that day she still wanted him to go to the backyard and practice with her. I watched her hit after hit, lighting up each and every time. Now to find her place on the field.

Coach Nathan was moving the girls around getting them use to different positions. Lyssa was doing well with stopping the ball and getting it to the pitcher from the outfield as long as she didn't side step the ball like she was scared of it. She had been tried at short stop a few times and Coach acted like that was where he wanted her, but I think she wasn't sure of her abilities. Coach went out of town and left Benji and Chris to coach the team. Lyssa was put at SS, and we had a practice on Saturday before Monday's game. Jennifer's mom batted so the girls could practice fielding and no matter how hard she tried she could only hit it to SS. Needless to say Lyssa got alot of practice at SS those 2 hours and we learned her arm can throw from SS to 1st. This became her position, as they say in the older division, she earned her position.

Her dad has been so happy with all the girls and how well they listen and how well eachone has improved. Lyssa has found a love of softball, she is even talking about playing fall ball. She is just not wanting it to interfere with Cheerleading. I am going to talk to the rec center and find out how much of a conflict there will be between the 2. If not much, then we will let her play, of course it will be travel softball, but with the passion she found within herself this season, I can't see holding her back. If it interferes then she said she wants to cheer.

Today was a wonderful end to a wonderful season. We had an end of season party with pizza and cake and cupcakes. Then they presented the girls with thier trophies. The coaches were presented with a softball that was signed by eachone of the girls.

Then a surprise, to all of us, this is the 1st team out of all the teams that Coach Nathan has coached that went undefeated all season. So, out of his own pocket he bought each of the girls a dog tag, it has a softball on the front with Frogs and the girls number, then on the back their name, Undefeated, and thier record of 13-0-2

Then, it was time for the parents to play against this undefeated girls team. I have to admit it was very funny and entertaining to watch. I know all involved had a wonderful time, you could tell by the looks on everyone's faces. This season was the best yet and hopefully she will stick with it and have many more season like this. I have to say today was a proud day for me, to see the 2 people I love having a wonderful time and everyone around them doing the same. A Perfect end to a Perfect season!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field Trip to Gattman Park with the 2nd grade

So, yesterday was the big day that we have been waiting for for a long time.  Webster's 2nd grade was going to Gattman Park for the day to play and supposed to play in the water.  Well, I had kind of a bad night, so I was running on 2 hours sleep, but I promised baby girl that I would be there, after all her Daddy had taken off work about a month in advance to attend.

We got there at 10 am and baby was it chilly outside, so I knew there would be no water.  I sat against a wall and watched and laughed and took pictures.  Seems kind of boring to some, but I got to watch my daughter have a blast and spend time with my husband that wasn't in front of a tv, a computer, or at a softball field.  Of course, with my beauty being so much like her mom, she fell within 30 minutes of being at the park.  She was on some kind of spinning contraption, and allowed Carter to spin her really fast.
Notice the edge of the sidewalk, how raised it is compared to the woodchips from the playground. Well, she flew off this contraption, and landed with her leg/hip on this edge. She cried for about 20 minutes, but I calmed her and she seemed ok other than a little limp which I told her it was going to be sore. She seemed to have a wonderful rest of the day with her friends. Her dad and I left right after lunch was served, the sun had come out by then and was supper hot, and I was running on about 2 hours sleep, so I went home and took a nap.

Meanwhile, my most wonderful husband took apart our dryer that has not worked in 3 weeks.  He took different parts to A to Z Appliances and they tested each one until they found the one that was bad, he bought the new part came home and installed it.  He put the dryer back together, plugged it in and now we have a dryer for $27 instead of having to buy a new one.  I am so so proud of him!

Then it was time for our last softball game for our division (not counting the game that doesn't count against Florence, that is tonight).  As most of you know, our Little girl has been outstanding this season at softball.  Well, lastnight wasn't her night.  She struck out 3 times.  At one point I thought she had given up until a ball was hit to her at SS and she threw perfectly to first for the out, then she lit up.  When she came in off the field, I told her she was ready now.  She batted and grounded out to first, but it moved someone home, so it was ok.  Back out on the field another excellent play at SS.  I truly believe she found her home at Short Stop.  We won 14-6 and of course it was against a team that has a coach that shouldn't be coaching, so in his words "we only won because of the ump".  However, Dawn the Softball Director came to the field to explain some rules to him, and he walked away as she was talking.  But anyway, I don't want to be too negative here, most people don't like him at the field, it's not just our team.  Season over and Horned Frogs end this season #1 and UNDEFEATED!  Our girls all improved so much this season and we had a blast.
Walking to the car, I asked Lyssa if she was ok, because of her strike outs and she was still limping. She said "No Momma I couldn't bat, my leg really hurts." When we got home I told her to show me her leg and this is what it looked like. I put her in a warm bath to let her soak, normally she would have to take a shower to get all that red dirt off of her. I did have to help her get out of the tub because once she was all the way sitting, it was hard for her to get up and she was "slippery when wet". I gave her some Cold and Cough stuff, yes I know it's a bruise, but it has Tylenol and benadryll in it so I knew she would get some rest. Now, she could have been faking it a little as most children do to get attention, but I know she's hurt because she has never struck out 3 times in 1 game. So, it was affecting her.

Well, we all actually passed out lastnight, Lyssa from meds and going strong all day and Benji and me from lack of sleep the night before, and I feel alot better today, and as weird as this may sound, I can't wait to do laundry today.  Normally I would never say that, but after taking my laundry to my parents for 3 weeks because of not having a dryer, it's going to be wonderful to sit at home and wash clothes.  So, now it's time to get my day started.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

So, I am a few days late writing this blog, but better late than never. Sunday was Mother's Day and it turned out to be a great day. I woke my husband up for work and sent him off to work, and went back to sleep. My beautiful daughter woke me up with a huge smile so that she could give me what she had made me at school. She brought it home Thursday and hid it from me. She made a flower for the outside of the bag and inside the bag was a hanging picture of me, well the way she painted me, and a coffee cup with her picture on it holding a sign that says Happy Mother's Day 2010.

Then, my husband asked me what I wanted for supper. He cooked meatloaf, fried potatoes, shells and cheese, corn on the cob, and rolls. And our little baby did the dishes. I didn't have to lift a finger. We then followed supper with a movie, we watched Tooth Fairy. It was quite an awesome day. I am so thankful for my family, I am blessed beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

Of course I didn't get to see my Mom on Mother's Day because she was with my Dad in Birmingham.  I have to say, my Mom and I have never been the closest, not like most moms and daughters, but it's not my fault or hers.  It's mainly because we are so much alike.  Sometimes it hard for us to be in the same room for an extended length of time.  However, I must say I wouldn't change her for the world.  I am who I am becasue of her and my dad.  I know there were many many times that we faught growing up, but in the end she had my best interest at heart and did a wonderful job raising me.  I know it took alot of patientence on her part, because I am very hard headed and very set in my ways. 

Growing up in school, when we always talked about Heroes, I always said my Mom is my Hero.  I know she heard me say it and write it, but I don't think she ever believed it and I wish in some way I could make her believe it.  She is a rock, solid and strong.  She graduated from UNA (where she met my Dad) and my parents decided to have a child, and only wanted 1, as my mom was 1 of 2 and my dad was 1 of 6.  She later began her career with the State of Alabama Department of Revenue (where she still works today, 27 years later).  When my dad's mom became ill (my MaMaw), she neevr thought twice about helping.  And now my dad has been ill for many many years, and still there is our family's ROCK.  Still so solid, now this is not to say she's emotionless, as this she is not.  She was just raised to not show them.  Does she get upset and cry? I'm sure she does, but she does this alone, as I do.  People need time for themselves sometimes, and she never really takes time for herself.  I can and do help with my dad, when I'm able, but she never backs down, she's there for anyone that she cares about, even if it means sacrafising herself.

She doesn't let many people in her bubble, but if you're one of the lucky ones, she lets you all the way into her heart.  When it comes to the ones near her heart, there is normally nothing that stands in her way to help those that need helping.  She has been referred to as distant, rude, or cold, when in reality she is one of the most caring women that I know.  This is one of her ways of keeping people at bay, as to protect herself from getting hurt.  She is the type person to take a lot of things to heart, that maybe weren't meant in a way that she took them.  As I sit and actually think of all the things my mom is, I can see that I do indeed have alot of her traits.  However, I still feel that I am no comparison to her.  I can only pray that one day, not only will she realize what she means to me, but that my children think of me at least half of the way I think of my mom, my Hero.