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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Softball picture day...

So today was picture day for softball... of course it had to rain and storm, so the pictures were moved inside to the gym. Of course pictures use to take forever, however it has seemed that the last two years Hot Shots has been doing alot better. My husband had to work today, but had to be in pictures too. I told him to clock out at work about 11:05 to get to pictures in time, pictures were scheduled for 11:20. Of course we walk in the gym and every single team in existance was there. At one point they even had 2 cameras with no one at them, but yet they were "scheduled" to have teams at them so they couldn't take our pictures, we had to wait in line behind 2 other teams. Finally at about 11:55 they began our individual pictures followed by the team picture. Oh and I forgot to mention the lack of air in the gym, it was so hot. Now most people that know me know I have high blood pressure so of course my face is always red, but it was so hot my husband's face was red. Oh well, pictures are done and we are home. Here are the pictures that I took.

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