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Friday, April 23, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Helen Keller

Over Spring Break my little 2nd grader was given an assignment to research a famous person and write a short report and then give the speech today. Below is the report and the pictures she included and this is what she wrote and what she said today... I put in bold the information she was given, in regular type will be what she wrote.

My name is Helen Keller. I was born June 27th, in 1880 and I became deaf and blind when I was a year and a half. As a child, it was tough for me to lern, I was called a wild child, I moved to New York City when I was 13. I am famous for being the first deafblind person to graduate college. After I graduated I traveled around the world and spoke about being deaf and blind and about women's rights. Some interesting facts about me are: I wrote a book called The Story of My Life. My first word was it I lerned it from putting my fingers on Anne's mouth, nose and throat. I was in a movie called Deliverance about my life.
This is where I was born. Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama. 
7 days before my 7th birthday I wrote these words. I used a ruler to guid me since I can't see. 
This is how I lerned to talk. I placed my thumb on Ann's neck to feel vibrations of g and k, placed my 1st finger on her lips to feel the b an t and my middle finger on her nose to feel m an n.
This is me with Anne and Alexander Graham Bell. We shared some of the same intrests because his wife Mabell was deaf.

Thank You.
Helen Keller died June 1, 1968. I chose this person because she over came her disabilites and helped others and she's from Tuscumbia. My name is Ellyssa Tennery.

Now some of these things are misspelled and need commas, but it was written by a second grader. She made a 100%. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be any prouder!

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